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Building Update 2.26.20

Updated: Mar 6

Crossbridge Family,

I wanted to give you an update on the status of our building on Harvest Home.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many steps in this process, but we expect the Plat process to take the longest. We are making great progress and have some dates that I can now share.

Plat Update (City of Richmond)

1) Hitting Milestones

a. Preliminary Feedback – We have been working diligently to provide the City of Richmond (COR) with all of the information that they have requested as part of the Plat. This includes some of the things that we have previously mentioned such as Architectural Plans, Civil Engineering Plans and a Traffic Impact Analysis just to mention a few. We received positive initial feedback from the COR on 02/10 with only a few follow-up requests.

b. Complete Submission – Because of our team’s hard work on the front end we were able to submit a complete plat application on 02/19. This means that we are hitting the necessary milestones to make great progress in our plat application with the COR.

2) Next Steps

a. Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting (03/02/20) – We now have a scheduled meeting with the the COR Planning and Zoning Commission on 03/02 where they will evaluate our application and give us feedback.

b. City Commission Meeting (03/16/20) – After the P&Z meeting we are scheduled to meet with the City Commission for additional feedback.

c. Scheduled Response Date (04/13/20) – The City of Richmond has committed to respond to our plat application on 04/13/20. I will seek to summarize their response and share it with you later that week.

After City of Richmond Plat

While we continue to make progress on the COR Plat there are other milestones for which we are making significant progress.

1) Structural Engineering and Steel Purchase – We have placed a down payment on steel so that we can begin construction this summer. By placing a down payment we have been able to secure structural engineering services at no additional cost. This will save us tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. We are working to finalize our structural engineering plans in March.

2) Plat (County) – Our property lies both in Fort Bend County and in the Harris County ETJ*. There is a separate, but much smaller, plat process with both counties and we are working to finalize these. We cannot begin this plat process until we finalize with the COR but we don’t expect them to delay construction.

*A previous version of this post stated that our property lies in both Fort Bend County and Harris County. It is more accurate to say “Harris County ETJ” (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction)

3) ARC– Our team is continuing to work closely with the Harvest Green Architectural Review Committee to secure all the necessary approvals. We are currently working on signage; landscaping and we are waiting on their fencing guidelines. ARC approval is a requirement for Permitting and Bank Loan Finalization.

4) Permitting– In order to secure the necessary permits we will need Structural Engineering, ARC approval, additional Civil Engineering and a few more items. We are making progress on each of these.

5) Bank Loan Finalization and Funding – For us to close on our loan and schedule a groundbreaking we need to complete all of the items listed above. At this point we are confident that we should be able to schedule closing and groundbreaking sometime this summer.

Your Part

1) Pray– This is the time to lean in. This is the time to encourage your group leaders and servant team leaders. This is the time to pray for the adults teaching children on a Sunday morning in the tent next to yours. This is the time to lead your family in prayers for our staff and elders. This is the time to cover our church in prayer as we continue our journey From Here to There.

2) Finish Well– This March we approach the culmination of our Unfinished journey and I encourage everyone to finish well. Understand that your giving will make a difference in our ability to establish our new home in Harvest Green and continue to honor God by making growing followers of Jesus Christ.

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