• Crossbridge

Building Update 3.27.19

Crossbridge Family,

I wanted to give you an update on the status of the Harlem road building project.

We are all anticipating the day that we can break ground and begin construction but there are many things that must occur on the land before we can schedule that day and most of those things are the responsibility of the development company. Though they are behind schedule, they have been making good progress.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The Development Company is 4-5 months behind due to rain. Until they build the road and level our property, we cannot begin construction. They anticipate this to be done by April/May.

1) Environmental– The environmental studies have been completed and we have a green light to move forward.

2) Sewage– The waste water treatment plant that will service our property has been completed, but the infrastructure capacity is being expanded. They are working to expand capacity over the next 30-45 days.

3) Streets– Some roads have been constructed but this is not yet finalized, and a temporary construction road still needs to be erected.

4) Leveling– The developer will need to add dirt to the property so that our surveyor can confirm that we are above the floodplain. This process will be a back and forth until the surveyor and engineer confirm that we’ve reached the necessary elevation.

5) Electric– The main lines have been laid, but there is still a need to make connections available to our property.

6) Gas & Telecom– Gas and Telecom will be one of the final steps in the process and we currently don’t have estimations for when they will be complete, but they are not hinderances to our construction.

Rain and some other factors have caused delays and, as such, the developer is currently 4-5 months behind schedule. As of our last meeting, the development company expects to finalize most of these steps by the end of April or the beginning of May. However, this is a process that can take some time and will of course be dependent on weather. If we continue on the development company’s current plan, this could put us on track to begin construction sometime this summer.

As for our part we have an offer from the bank that we are reviewing and are working to finalize our selection of a construction company. We have connected the Project Manager with the Architect to finalize the parameters of the project and scope out the duration and costs and begin permitting.

Join me in praying for good weather, productive work and significant progress as we seek to make headway in the areas below:

- Finalizing the loan with the bank

- Finalizing the construction plans

- Progress by the development company

I’ll send out updates on a regular basis but I’m always available to answer any questions as best I can.

Diego Armendariz

Interim Executive Pastor